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The Cosentino Law Firm provides assertive DCFS defense for our clients throughout Illinois including Dekalb, IL, Geneva, IL, St. Charles, IL, Sycamore, IL, and Yorkville, IL.


In Illinois, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is the organization that is responsible for investigating claims made in relation to neglect and child abuse. If abuse or neglect is suspected, an investigation will ensue regarding any child who is 18 years of age and younger. DCFS conducts its investigations in conjunction with the police and will interview a number of different people before coming to a decision.


If you have been reported for child abuse or neglect in the State of Illinois, we can provide you with powerful and aggressive DCFS defense to assist you. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of child services and can provide the legal advisement and representation you need to attain the most positive outcome.

At The Cosentino Law Firm, we are committed to defending your rights and seeing to it that your family is fully protected. We understand how stressful it is to handle a claim being made against you that could threaten your right to keeping your children. We will work relentlessly on your behalf to safeguard the integrity of your family.


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